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Standard Tank Cleaner :: Sanitary Tank Washer
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Industrial Design and Fabrication can design and fabricate a rail car cleaning system to meet the most demanding requirements of the rail car industry. With modular construction systems can be built to clean from 1 to 100 cars a day. Each basic module contains all the equipment required and can be configured with either one or two cleaning stations. Multiple modules can be interconnected to increase car-cleaning capacity. For added flexibility elevated work platforms and catwalks can be supplied to provide multiple cleaning stations for single or multiple modules. Additionally cleaning modules can be remotely located and plumbed to existing catwalks and work platforms allowing installations based around existing facilities and track layouts. The powerful closed loop washing system incorporated into each module makes these systems suited for cleaning cars that carry a wide variety of commodities while conserving cleaning solutions and water. Systems can be equipped with either all-manual vales or for added convince valves can be pneumatically actuated and electrically controlled from the operators control station. Heating for the wash solution is provided by an ASME coded tube and shell heat exchanger using steam as the heating media. Process tanks are equipped with fixed weir rings to allow oils and other light phase materials to be removed for disposal.

As with all of Industrial Design and Fabrication’s products these systems are designed and constructed to provide the customer with a high quality machine that is easy to use and will provide years of trouble free operation.

All of these self-contained systems are unique in their modular construction and offer the user a long list of benefits:

  • Modular construction means faster on site installation or set up
  • Units are self-contained and require little or no outside support equipment
  • Minimal water or cleaning solution is used during washing operations
  • Product recovery benefits customers while reducing waste disposal
  • Minimizes operators exposure to risk inherent environments
  • Operator friendly design and innovative system accessories increase production
  • Top notch factory support and training insures years of worry free operation
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