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Standard Tank Cleaner :: Sanitary Tank Washer
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Industrial Design and Fabrication, INC. manufactures a standard tanker wash system that is suitable for cleaning of the general purpose over the road tankers that are used to carry a variety of commodities. These modular machines generally contain all the equipment and controls required for a single wash system which is configured to provide two cleaning spots allowing the operator to wash multiples of like type tankers at the same time. The powerful “closed loop” wash system features two fully insulated process tanks coupled to a high volume, high pressure centrifugal pump to deliver the wash and rinse solutions to the tanker(s) being washed. Inside the tanker(s), an orbital wash head directs high-pressure streams of solution to impact against the tank interior, jetting away the residual commodity that has remained adhered to the tank walls. Once the material is dislodged, the high volume of solution running through the tank carries it away, returning it to the system via a * vacuum that has been created within the process tank being used. Add an abundance of inline solution heating, return line strainers and the ability to skim and transfer light phases (oil) on the fly and you have a system that can tackle the toughest of jobs with ease.

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